Story from the Core

Market Authentically

Communicate without Compromise

Know your Story

Write your Book


Everyone has a story to tell but where do you begin?

Overwhelmed? – You’re not the first.
Confused? – No doubt.
 Feeling self-conscious? – How human of you.

You know why?

Because Story is personal and so is Core Communication.

Knowing your Core Story and writing, speaking, and marketing from that place brings what you care about on the inside – to the outside:

to the page – in your book
to the stage – in your keynote
to your marketing – on your website
to your message – everywhere

With TinaO, we sharpen your expert positioning by nailing your Core Story

  • access your unique voice and perspective

  • position you as a trustworthy thought leader

  • articulate your story authentically so your audience can find you

Let’s Tell Your Story


Start Here

Grab my Core Story Playbook and let’s get a conversation started.

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