Thank you Body

Photo Credit Debra Stringfellow

Thank you Body 

For the years of walking, running, dancing, for toes that look cute with polish.

For the belly, well deeper than that, which held four babies, of which three would breathe outside of you

For the tangles of hair that could do the flirting for me because I sucked at it and still do.  It just seems ridiculous to me really.  So thank you longish, brownish, redish, curlyish hair for doing for me what I never really understood the purpose of.

For the hands that plunge daily into hot soapy water, twist and scrape cookie dough, change propane tanks, strike matches, hold me upright on a bicycle and know how to love by wandering.

For the mouth that never stops wondering, chatting, chewing, kissing, smiling and welcoming people to this inner circle of mine.

For the brain… oh my brain… oh this wild engine of mystery that calls for me to know more about it though doesn’t need me to at all.  For letting me take you for granted for so long, because I can.

For this heart that beats in perfect rhythm, my unique footsteps through time.  A heart that doesn’t measure, only beats beats beats. Thank you.

Do I talk about sex here?  That feels weird but even more ridiculous to skip it.  Okay… thank you … ummmm sexy bits for delight, for words that have no sound, for an invitation an ever constant invitation for more of me of you of we of of of so much.

For this skin that holds me together.

For this skeleton that stands me.

For these eyes that not only sees you, but allows you to really see me.  No pretending. No hiding.  Sees me.

For wonder. Thank you body for knowing everything while I do not.

Thank you for this.  I live because of you.

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