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Intro from me, TinaO:

Okay… I know legendary actor John Cusack crosses generations of fans. If you’re over 40 and you’re a woman, you probably had his TigerBeat picture on your locker.  If you’re under 30, I bet you know who he is, and I’m almost positive you’ve seen his iconic Say Anything boombox scene haven’t you?  And if not, you’ve witnessed his rainy romantic, heart fluttering scene replicated in multiple movies since, you just didn’t know it. It’s true, Say Anything slayed us children of the 80s women in the same way The Graduate and Love Story did in the 60s and the 70s, and When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle did in the 90s and then Love Actually, Knocked up and Juno in the the 2000s.  We LOVE our RELATIONSHIP MOVIES don’t we?

John Cusack boom box

Today, in 2016, not only do we get to witness lots of gritty love drama in our favourite shows like: House of Cards, Scandal and The Walking Dead (btw we are in a gruesome era of love aren’t we?), but we can also access the progression of LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS over the decades on NETFLIX.

Hmmm… here’s what our Relationship Guru lady Tara Caffelle has to say about it in her very own new love-mobile (no, not mobile like mobile phone, but mobeel as in vehicle).




Tara Caffelle is a Relationship and Communication coach.  She is passionate about creating connected, almost-uncomfortable-to-watch relationships that are based in Sexy Communication and Big Lives worth rolling around in.

Tara is based in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver and offers custom-designed coaching programs. To claim your free 90+ minutes and see what might be possible for your own super coupledom (or persondom), find a time here.

Have a question for Tara?  Have an idea for a Hump Day conversation?   How about just some thoughts about this thing called life? Let us know here.  We’ll answer back.  We promise.

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