Well, I’ve been talking about this for awhile – just not publicly.  I’m a professional network marketer and have been for over a decade.

  • I sell stuff.
  • I ask others if they want to sell stuff too.
  • Then I teach them how to build, run and grow their own business.
  • I nurture these professional relationships into an organization of conscious, ethical, heart centered, profit minded, sustainability focused team of business partners.

That’s what I do. That’s my job description, alongside the minute yet crucial daily-do-details of being IN business

I am a network marketer

On July 15th I am celebrating eleven years in this industry which has challenged me, grown me up, pissed me off, celebrated me, lifted me, loved on me and taught me everything I need to know about life, business and what success truly means to me.  I think:

Success is like spirituality, politics, sex, religion and money.  It’s personal.  It’s deeply personal and daringly unique to every walking soul out here.  

Today I start blogging about what it means to be a Tall Poppy in the Network Marketing Industry.  I hope you’ll join me in what I hope to be a vivid and conscious conversation.

More to come.

Because it’s ok to be a tall poppy, especially when you already are one. 

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This is my ‘network marketing’ selfie. Funny isn’t it?  Same woman, different piece of me.

TinaO is a writer, speaker and the founder of TinaOLife – a hub for all things worth living for, the workshop Live Your Best Story, and her coaching practice:  Tall Poppy Living. She’s also a professional network marketer with a decade in the industry and with her Tall Poppy Living for Network Marketers Coaching Program, she teaches: selling isn’t slimey and marketing isn’t make-believe. You can be yourself and be successful in Direct Sales.