The great folks at the Good Mother Project got me thinking, when they posted an article about “Flashbangs”: the events in life that ROCK you and change life as you know it. The obvious one is the arrival of a baby and the transition into motherhood, but what else can challenge a marriage and create shifts no one could have ever predicted?
I know, right?

This stuff is work talking about, before it happens, ideally.
I would love to know:
  • What rocked you?
  • How did you grow into it?
  • Did you grow into it, or did it leave a part of your relationship just a little fractured?
Time to spill, darling, because this is where relationship gets real, remember?
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Tara Caffelle is a Relationship and Communication coach.  She is passionate about creating connected, almost-uncomfortable-to-watch relationships that are based in Sexy Communication and Big Lives worth rolling around in.

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