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  • Core Story Day with TinaO

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  • The First Draft (8 recorded sessions to write the first draft of your book)

    Tina really helped me dig deep and critically identify my core motivator, my why, my core story. I am grateful for how relentless she was in persisting – despite how tough it got at certain points. Tina not only helped come up with a succinct, effective core story that I could use as a very powerful marketing communication tool, it also helped ground me as an entrepreneur in my daily decisions. Tina, you have a really unique gift for listening and you have an amazingly big heart. Thank you for all that you did and keep spreading your magic! – Mishell Leong, Milc by Mishell


Tina has helped my business with marketing and PR expertise of the highest level. Her experience in the field proves over and over again to be very valuable to my business and she always steps up to the plate when I need her. I would recommend her without question to anyone who needs helps getting the word out about their business in either a social media, print or PR marketing. She has excelled in all these areas for me. -Karen Munro, Bowen Island Dog Ranch 

Tina is a magical unicorn of a person and she spreads her believe in power, beauty, and living an enriched life to everyone she meets. Through a chance referral I started working with Tina on my Core Story and within a shockingly short time she had helped tease out the core pain and joy of my soul. Her active lessons have helped me to be more focused and in tune with myself and my family. She works with an enormous heart, bringing empathy, love and humour to everything she does. I have recommended Tina O, the Live Your Best Story, and all other facets of Tina to many people. K’reen Kerr, Savannah Landscapes


  • Core Story online (4 weeks)

  • Publish – Write Your Core Story Book

    I’ve always known there is a book or two or three inside me…but I didn’t really know how to get to the next step of the building, the creating, the guts! Tina has already in just a few steps shown me that it doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter. I get to be my chaotic, messy, kinda random self & let MY STORY take the lead. I am forever grateful to have met this inspirational woman & can’t wait to see where this journey takes me! – Deidre Anne, Ampersand Media

TinaO knows everything there is to know about bringing out your Core Story. Her guidance helped me solve a problem I didn’t even know I had! – Jake Hassel-Gren, Leap Advisory Services


  • Live Your Best Story Retreat Weekend

I am a story gatherer, from the time I was young listening to my Grandma and her sisters, to present day meeting new people. I love hearing other people’s story, where they came from, the ups and downs and what brought them to where they are today. Finding connection in their stories, to other people I know or to my own story. There is so much power in common ground.  In working with Tina O, I have begun a journey to hearing MY OWN STORY, acknowledging it’s value, for myself and for others (but right now IT IS FOR ME) Hard, healing, and so needed. The LYBS (Live Your Best Story) workshop is one I would recommend to anyone. Do it. invest in you, connect with you see where your story leads. So grateful for you and this journey. Thank you Tina O. – Diana Hilstead

Taking part in Tina’s Live Your Best Story has allowed me to lay the foundation for some big changes in my life. I have started to make this shift by allowing myself to say “no”. For me, if it isn’t a “HELL YES” then I am walking away. This is a course everyone could benefit from. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. – Kerri Isham, POWER UP Workshops 


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Tina can light up a room. She is a DRIVER with focus, ambition and a …”just not taking myself too seriously”… sense of humor. This is infectious. As a “creative” she has directed projects, managed large teams and integrated her own vision with others very smoothly. Tina knows how to craft a message for an audience – why? because she is a true listener. Behind the glow is a nimble mind that is always playing with ways to make your business, your connection, your relationship move forward. We will work together again. -Patti Jo Wiese, Social Business Marketing Strategy

Tina is one of those exceptional people that has the ability to inspire others to bring out the very best in themselves. Whether it is building her own business or advising other’s on how to grow their’s, Tina provides exceptional insight based on an uncanny ability to get to the heart of what drives and motivates others. She is an unstoppable powerhouse! -Gil Yaron, Product Care Association

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