After Trump – TinaO’s Kind of Love

Today, two days after the election where Trump reigns, I find myself watching the news looking for something, anything. Ridiculous of me really… it’s still shock, not surprise, but shock. The bully won, the media blew it, the oppressed got angry and reacted, the comfortable went further into the bubble, the armchair warriors lathered up […]

What was I Thinking?

Another list.  Another ridiculous guffaw I frequently have with myself – usually when I’m driving.  Sorry gang.  I try not to drive after 6pm because I’m too busy laughing at how insane I am to be considered ‘safe’ behind the wheel after six. Who needs a phone to distract you from driving when you have a list […]

GRIT. Got some?

  I didn’t know that my kids would be like other people’s kids.  My eldest two are in or approaching their teen years and motherfudrucker are they ever doing what teens do.  It’s a nasty stage to parent through yet such an important one for them because this is where they either grow grit or not, and […]

Even my Resistance Resists

This is not a deep post.  It’s brief and to the point. Do you ever resist yourself? Imagine making a soulful decision. Drawing an honest line in the sand. Answering a quest whole-heartedly. Doing the 100% thing and really stating what your mission is. Putting some guts into it. Knowing what you know and saying […]

What I Love About You Is

I turned 45 this year.  My birthday is on Christmas day so my family does a really bang-up job of making it special.   People often think that my birthday is overlooked because of it being Christmas and all but you know, that’s just not the case though it’s a reliable ice-breaker conversation that I’m dumped […]