That Money Thang #5

Money, it’s been my silent partner for years. Avoidance, there’s another one who has been taking up space as a stow-away and not so quiet friend of mine. Worth, yuck, yup, that one is here too, she lives in my shoe laces because then I can hear two voices. On one foot I hear awesomeness, […]

Everyday Adventures

When I had Baxter (the basset hound), it would come to that time of the day when I knew he needed to get outside to collect some new smells and waddle around the neighbourhood. I would wrap up the work I was doing and say, “Let’s go on an adventure!” You see, I could never […]

September is SMOOTH like Peanut Butter

I heard a great expression today: “September. It’s like time clicks over from molasses to wine.” So true, isn’t it? I had a glorious summer of working when I wanted to, on things that resonated with me, and now it’s time to hit-the-ground with it all and put things back into action. I have re-stocked […]