Let’s PLAY

Here’s what we know: Writer’s are often introverts, or extroverts with a really vulnerable middle. We also notice that writers seem to share the same affliction:


That’s why PLAYING is so important. In this six hour workshop in our cozy Story Room on Bowen Island (or five segment online class), you will EXPLORE:

  1. Myth and Folktales
  2. The Hero’s Journey and how it’s all been said before
  3. The Five Senses and the how the dare is in the details
  4. Perspective and learning how to let go
  5. Stakes and how what could go wrong should go wrong

It’s all about PLAY and getting lost in the woods of your work. When you let yourself go while still letting yourself be a student of writing you can satisfy the perfectionist inside AND the word traveller…

This is our goal for you.

When you work with us, you become a


This is what our day together looks like:

9:45am – Coffee, Tea, Snacks – get comfortable.

10:15am – Lesson one & WRITE

11:15am – Lesson two & MORE WRITING

12:15am – Lesson three & STILL MORE WRITING

12:45 – LUNCH TIME – and an indepth conversation about what what is relevant to us about writing today.

1:45 – Lesson four & WRITE

2:45 – Lesson five & YEP YOU GUESSED IT – MORE WRITING

3:30 – Wrap Up & Insights

If you’re joining us online, we will send you a ZOOM link so you can tune in for each hour’s Writing Concept. We encourage you to join in LIVE over lunch and again at 3:30pm too.

If you are participating online, you will receive the recordings of each Writing Concept as well.

Join us?