Religion or Ritual?

Let’s just open this right up by letting y’all know that I self-identify as a Christian. I’ll also let you know that I truly have no idea what that means, other than I’m a Canadian white girl (like as white bread as they come: German, English, Irish and Scottish) who grew up in a neighbourhood with […]

100 LOVE

Sending LOVE to those who have walked the path, still run against time, or are now at rest. There is LIFE after cancer. Pledging $20+ in the name of your loved one supporting: Goal #1 $1000 for Can Too (Vancouver Triathlon) Goal #2 $2500 for the Ride to Conquer Cancer As a survivor, I swim, bike and run for […]

The Audacity of Passion

  There’s something about being around people who act on their passion.  It’s as if they shine just a little bit brighter, you can feel their energy through the phone, and they electrify you when you’re around them.  People who are plugged in to their source of passion simply zap you into attention. Enter Vancouver’s latest […]