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In 2005 I was broke and terrified of losing my marriage and my home

My husband and I couldn’t cover our bills

Our children were in full time childcare

I cried and pounded the steering wheel every time I dropped them off

I was angry with life

Then I reluctantly attended a neighbour’s business presentation

and my gut said yes before I did

this decision radically shaped my life

I made it to the top

I made what I call ‘gangsta’ money – yes the kind you are sold about in this industry. It does happen and it happened to me, FAST

then after six years of wealth, trips, cars, conferences and more, I was left feeling empty, judged, perplexed and even mislead

I was suffering from Tall Poppy Syndrome:

a perceived tendency to discredit or disparage those who have achieved notable wealth or prominence in public life

So this is what happened:

I realized that empty is a choice

I remembered that what other people think is none of my business

and I reminded myself that questions always have answers

and then I built a training platform that teaches:

selling isn’t slimey

money isn’t magic

marketing isn’t make-believe

and relationships are real

and by the way… I’m still in the field, doing the do as a professional network marketer

I don’t just train on the stuff – I do it too


I’m a Tall Poppy and so are you. 

This industry is here to serve so many people

some are struggling financially – as I was

some have no street cred professionally – as I did

some wanna belong to a community of entrepreneurs

some just wanna get out of the house

and some dig really deep to make a difference

Here’s what I love the most: it does not discriminate

sex, religion, colour, profession, orientation, education, whatever…

all are welcome

Here’s what I dislike the most: we do discriminate

And we judge too. darn humans…

That’s why we work on being a Tall Poppy everyday

Our Network Marketing business is the field we nurture

and every day we seek the sun, we water our soil and we seed the earth

Here’s how we can work together:

Tall Poppy Living Podcasts Web

A weekly conversation about what it means to be a Tall Poppy in the Network Marketing industry.

How to sell through service.

How to prospect transparently.

How to build sustainably.

How to follow-up without chasing, pushing or becoming that ‘crazy ____ person’

Coming soon… Launching October 2016

Tall Poppy Six

Tall Poppy Six – a Six Week Planting Session of the Five C’s to your success:

Care – Your Why, your Service Model, your Vision, your Business Plan

Calendar – Knowing your numbers, Your Reachout Method, Managing your time

Commitment – Staying the course, How to close, Weekly Accountability

Cultivate – Marketing, Building a Team and an Organization, Duplication

Celebrate – Loving on your Clients, Your Leadership Style, Recognition


*an online six week training program covering all of the above

*video tutorials and assignments

*access to a private Facebook group for all of us to chat about this industry we’re in

offer – 69


Wanna Chat

Want to find out if I can support you with your network marketing business?  Or maybe you’re wondering if you might want to join in with mine? 

Why don’t we book a complimentary hour long inquiry session – totally on me. I’m here to listen and share what I know about building success in this industry in a way that speaks to you. 

I usually book Tues-Thursday but sometimes I have surprise windows of time on other days. Send me a message below and I’ll connect back with you okay? I do love a good story…