Tall Poppy Life

We are all tall poppies yet most of us struggle with Tall Poppy Syndrome.

Tall poppy syndrome is an unconscious social phenomenon where we purposely cut ourselves down (and others too) so as to stay safe and/or belong. It’s human nature. We have a primal desire to be part of something be it a community, a pack, a circle of friends, our family… to belong.  Standing up and sticking out like the tall poppy we are brings up a lot of social separation anxiety causing us to shrink back. That seems backwards somehow though doesn’t it? How can we be social and experience separation anxiety?

Because now we’re on the spot.

Now we can be seen yet we’re not known and often misunderstood.

Because we might be better at something than someone else.

Because lots of people might not agree with us, nor approve, and even worse, some of them won’t like us, and might say so.

Because we’re no longer a part of the same-same-like-me-no-threat-to-you-club. 


Here’s the thing though:  We are all Tall Poppies. We are designed to be unique, to not fit in, to stand taller than the rest in some capacity. That’s our gift. That’s our design. That’s our call. Imagine what the world would look like if we all let ourselves stand as the tall poppy we are?

When we recognize and start living out our innate gifts, skills and worth doing so can trigger fear in ourselves and so instead of lifting our face to the sun, we instead, choose to our habitual patterns of fear and either stay the same, or in some cases, shrink right back. After awhile all of that shrinking brings on a quiet, deadly resentment and even criticism of not only ourselves, but others too as a way to stay safe.

It’s called Tall Poppy Syndrome because in a field of poppies, it’s the tall ones who get noticed that are cut down. 

Imagine if we lived like the tall poppy we are and honoured the other tall poppies around us too.  Imagine what our life would look like then.

With TinaOLife, we are all tall poppies


It's the Tall Poppies


TinaO’s Tall Poppy Life is a Coaching System that works through the Four Sets: Soulset, Mindset, Skillset and Body so that we can bring to life:  Your Living Story and you can stand tall as the Tall Poppy you are

How it works:

  • Over four 6 week sessions, we will work through TinaO’s Four Sets beginning with: Soulset, followed by Mindset, on to Skillset and then closing with the Body.
  • Each set follows a similar format of:  three – 90 minute one on one sessions, three personally designed life-giving assignments plus a three hour ‘bridge’ session between the sets with Tina.
  • That’s 7 1/2 hours personal hours with TinaO with 3 assignments over six weeks.
  • Recommended:  Choose to work through all four sessions over the course of a year
  • Optional:  Choose to work session by session.


Tall Poppy Sessions for the year (only six spots available/year) pd in full: $3900 or $350/mth x 12.

Tall Poppy Individual six week Sessions $1047 (can be paid in two installments)

Tall Poppy Conversations (separate from the Four Sets) $200 for a 90 minute call.


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Book a private complimentary 20 minute consult to see if Tall Poppy Living is a fit for you.