TinaO From the Page to the Stage

25 years in PR, Marketing & Messaging

20 years Women’s Mastermind Group Facilitation

100 Women (and a couple of dudes) – Live Your Best Story

1000’s of Women – Sales and Story Coaching

3 Books, 5 Films, 2 Plays, 3 Books of Poetry

a Lifetime as a Speaker and Performer

cancer crusher – and triathlete

most importantly, Momma to three, Wife to one, Woman to me

What People are Saying… Your Story

I am in a whole new conversation with my writing, my business and all its various messages (seriously. WHOA.) and most of all, my body. Who knew THAT was all coming??? The two big, hairy business discoveries this year have all been on this woman’s watch. -Tara Caffelle, Super Couple Coach


TinaO can light up a room.  She is a DRIVER with focus, ambition and a “just not taking herself too seriously” sense of humor.  As a ‘creative’ she knows how to craft a message for an audience because she is a true listener.  Behind the glow is a nimble mind that is always playing with ways to make your business, your connection, your relationship move forward.  -Patti-Jo Wiese, Social Business, Marketing Strategy

Tina Overbury you rock my world!! Thank you for working with me and all the stuff in my head and getting it on paper, I feel like there is space and now I can move forward!! – Gina Best



You know when you work with someone you can come away with the thought that “Oh, that was a waste of time.” or “They were OK to work with.”? But, then there are times when you work with someone who is SPECTACULAR to work with. Tina Overbury was SPECTACULAR to work with. She is a story sleuth who helps you get to the core story of who you are and she is truly gifted. If you are looking for someone to uncover your core story she is the woman you want to connect with. –Alison Donaghey, Radio Host and Author – Think Opposite



Core Story Specialist

TinaO really helped me dig deep and critically identify my core motivator, my why, and my core story.  I am grateful for how relentless she was in persisting – despite how tough it got at certain points.  Tina now only helped come up with a succinct, effective core story that I could use as a very powerful marketing communication tool, it also helped ground me as an entrepreneur in my daily decisions. Keep spreading your magic! – Mishell Leong, Artist and Owner of Milc by Mishell

TinaO is gifted at extracting the Core Story of your business.  Her ability to get to the core of your essence and what you deliver to the world is absolutely amazing. What I bring to the business world, my big WHY and how it is aligned to the services I provide is crystal clear today.  Even if you think you are already clear on your why, give her a chance to wow you because she will! – Jivi Saran, The Corporate Mentalist

OMFG Tina Overbury! you would not believe the conversation that’s been going on since our session together this morning. You’ve opened a floodgate that ties together every damn significant thing that has happened to me up until very recently. Holy shit woman your process is….I don’t even know the word! It’s like I’m on a game show and everything that comes out of my mouth is DING DING DING! Everyone should experience your Core Story process. Thank you from the depths of my soul. – Line Brunet, Personal Power Coach and Radio Personality

Live Your Best Story

If you do but one thing for yourself…. You MUST experience “Live Your Best Story” in March. It is THE most freeing, feeling, fantastical, friendship finding experience, with others and mostly with you, yourself and Your (Best) Story. Live Your Best Story is a new chapter ready to be written and meet you all the way. (period) Thank you Tina Overbury and Carolyn Nesbitt from the depths of my heart and the further depths of my soul for creating this experience.  – Steely Springham, Confidence Coach, Stage and Figure Competitor
This life changing retreat is happening with Tina Overbury – Are you ready to Live Your Best Story?  I’ve already spent about 10 mind blowing hours with this woman and it’s helping me immensely, both personally and professionally. She has a gift that is hard to put into words. Some of the best coaching I have ever received. I can’t wait to spend a whole weekend with her and the team that has come together to support us. – Crystal Di Domizio, Pregnancy and Birth Healing Coach 


TinaO has a unique ability to listen to a person’s words and hear their heart talking.  I attended her first full length Live Your Best Story workshop and was struck by her skill as a facilitator.  Her ability to drive to the core of an issue and apply learnings to both the personal and business realms helped me to better understand where I need balance and where I need to push for growth.  –Rob Bancroft, Charity and Finance Professional



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