Your Story Matters

Core Story – Three Ways 

#1 – TRIPLE THREAT STORY (6 people only)

TinaO works with SIX people per year in this highly personal year long intensive where together you will:

  • Write your Book
  • Create your Keynote
  • Build your Online Program

*This is a highly personal process. We work fast and with intensity. Let’s meet first to find out if this is the best fit for you and your story. CLICK HERE to book a 30 minute Hello with TinaO.

#2 – STORY COACHING – (4 people only)

Monthly Story Coaching available for all mediums

TinaO opens up four coaching spots open at a time. Each story client receives two 90 minute recorded coaching sessions with notes, with daily voice message story support (excluding holidays and Sundays).

*I personalize each coaching client’s session to match the medium they are working with (and yes life counts too!). Let’s book a quick 30  minute TinaO Hello to find out if working together is the best choice for you and your story. CLICK HERE. 

#3 – CORE STORY MARKETING – (1 / mth)

A series of four – 2 hours sessions over a period of two weeks delivering your businesses Core Story: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. This includes your BRAND PROMISE, SOCIAL BIO, TAG LINE and 5 STAND FOR Statements.

Your Business Story is a simple message within a complex story engine. We need to connect first to make sure you and I connect well. I want you to feel completely at ease sharing everything inside your head and heart. Let’s book a quick 30 minute TinaO Hello to discover more about your story and if we’re a good fit together.

What do you need right now?

  • Are you writing a book?
  • Are you applying for a Ted? Or creating a Talk?
  • Are you ready to build your online program?
  • Are you clarifying your marketing message as you create your platform?
  • Are you feeling like you’re not sure what your story is anymore?

How can I support you?

Here’s what I know for sure: You are enough. You are designed with a Core Story that is completely and uniquely yours. It’s in your DNA. You just have to slow down long enough to hear it and then trust it when you do.

Your Core Story is what everyone around you is reacting to anyway. You get to decide whether or not you’re going to live it out on purpose or keep letting your impact get watered away. The power of your message and purpose lives in your Core Story.  What do you say we spend some time getting to know it so the world can too?

BTW… You may be looking for prices, but I don’t list them because I’m affordable. Your STORY Matters to me. Let’s do this together.