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Your Story Matters

Core Story – Three Ways

Your Core Story is the only thing that communicates.

It tells the world Who you are, Why you do what you do, How you do it, What you bring and Where you impact.

#1 Your CORE STORY is your BOOK, and if you’re in business and you don’t have one, you’ll never be perceived as a leading authority. You need a book.

#2 Your CORE STORY is your TALK, and if you haven’t developed one, your market, which is also your audience, is shrinking. Your reach never expands when it stands still, it only gets smaller. You must have a talk, at minimum, a position that communicates a clear message.

#3 Your CORE STORY is the MESSAGE of your MARKETING, and if you haven’t figured that out yet, you are losing your credibility.

Your CORE STORY is the LANGUAGE of your VALUES and PRINCIPLES. if you don’t know what you’re known for out there in the market, then you’re not seen as an expert yet.

Here’s how we work together

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After our conversation together, we’ll decide what you want to focus on first. Is it…

Your Book?

Your Talk?

Your Message and Marketing?

Something else…?

Here’s what I know for sure: You are enough. You are designed with a Core Story that is completely and uniquely yours. It’s in your DNA. You just have to slow down long enough to hear it and then trust it when you do.

The things is, your Core Story is what everyone around you is reacting to anyway. You get to decide whether or not you’re going to live it out on purpose or keep letting your impact get watered away. The power of your message and purpose lives in your Core Story.  What do you say we spend some time getting to know it so the world can too?