Your Core Story Book

Write Your Book – Two Ways


You have a unique story to tell, I know you need to tell it, and you know you can’t do it alone. It’s time to position yourself as an expert in the market by sharing your unique voice so you can reach new markets, establish credibility, earn trust and get booked. You don’t have to sound like or be somebody else to create success. Welcome to TinaO’s Core Story approach to writing your book.

By writing your book you will:

  • Be recognized as an expert in your industry.
  • Be regarded as a credible authority in your field of expertise.
  • Be positioned as the go-to person for what you specifically deliver.
  • Build an audience that continues to grow with or without your immediate presence because your book becomes your ”employee” and works for you.
  • Get booked for speaking gigs and expand your reach.
  • Grow your revenue with more clients.
  • Grow a residual income stream.

Writing your book is a personal process and it can seem like an incredibly daunting task. I assure you, it’s not. While it may be something you’ve never done before, if you have a story to tell and a compelling desire to capture it with words, your Core Story will drive your book all the way through to completion.

Publish is an exclusive three-phase book writing platform of: Core, Create and Deliver

Publish brings your story from Concept to Publish Ready

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#2 The First Draft

Everyone has a story but not everyone enjoys or finds inspiration during the often overwhelming and debilitating task of completing this crucial part of the book writing process. The First Draft is a Three Step Partner System for writers, non-writers and creatives who want to get their first draft completed in 30 days, pain and writers block free.

Here’s WHY it works:

  • I ask strategic, Core Story questions through a series of eight recorded interviews.
  • Each question answered by you fills in the banks of your book’s story structure.
  • Because your content is generating this way we skip the ”filler” and get to what really matters to you and your book.
  • Because we transcribe directly from our recording we capture your unique and authentic voice.
  • Because we are partners in this process you are accountable. It will get done.
  • Because it’s a condensed period of time the momentum, guts and passion of your story will not get diluted.
  • Because I do my best work within an ‘intensive’ setting, we will produce something rich, vibrant and memorable.

Here’s HOW it Works:

  • Step one – book a complimentary Core Story Call
  • Step two – book your EIGHT – two hour online sessions
  • Step three – before every call I will send you INTERVIEW questions to consider before we talk
  • Step four – After each interview the recording is transcribed.
  • Step five – After the FIFTH interview we will begin to place the plot points into your story structure
  • Step six – Interviews six – eight is where we fill in the gaps of your first draft
  • Step seven – Your First Draft is compiled by me with story notes from Story Coach Meribeth Deen
  • Step eight (*Optional) – Receive a One Hour Story Coaching Session with Meribeth Deen





Want to find out more? Book your very own Complimentary Core Story Call with TinaO and we’ll take it from there.