It’s Called a Triple Threat




What if you could get it done in a year? 

You can.

You will.

It’s time.

Here’s How:


This is the ONE STORY you are here to tell, sell and teach. What is it? Why are you the one to deliver it? How do you do what you do? Where does it impact? When is it wanted? Needed? Why does anyone care? and Who are YOU within it, and it within you?

How is this story CORE to you?

What is the CORE of this work?

What is the CORE impact of your message?

How do you bring the CORE of WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY you do it to this story?

Then say it:

In 3000 words.

In 300 words.

In 30 words.

In 3 words. 

What IS your One Story?

This is Month One. 


There’s something about eye contact that changes everything. This is how you communicate from the Core. But you can’t be a mess up there. You can’t throw your feelings around and expect people to listen to you. It’s not about being loud, crying, laughing, or staring the audience down. It’s not about asking questions or holding the pause or sharing your deepest secrets and vulnerabilities either. It’s not about letting people in.

It’s about Letting You Out.

And risking a connection.

It’s about the craft of communicating from your core. 

This section of our work together follows two parts: crafting your talk using the three parts of the communication arrow, and communicating via story telling.

Communication Arrow:

  1. Core Message (Who, What & sometimes Why)
  2. Carrier Message (How, When, Where)
  3. Impact Message (Why or sometimes What)

Story Telling from the Stage:

  1. Earn the Right.
  2. Take them in to Chaos.
  3. Transformation.

You will give many talks in your career, and one of them is the mother of them all. If it’s ready to be known to you, we will find it, write it and give it.

What STORY defines you?

This is Month Two and Three


I want you to write a bestseller – but it’s not about that.

I want you to be recognized as an expert in your field – but it’s not about that either.

I want you to be positioned for credibility – now let that go.

I want you to grow your client base, get booked for gigs, build a residual income, and expand your audience – but if you write your book this way, it won’t happen. 

Let that go.

Let it all go. 

and just WRITE. 

Write your book, your way, from the core.

and everything else takes care of itself. 

Your book shows up three ways (and all of them are probably begging to get out of your head and heart right now):

  1. book as a business card
  2. book as a personal expression (journey or theory).
  3. book as a body of work.

All three of them will get started and one of them will get done (or more). You will leave this program with your BOOK AS A BUSINESS CARD complete from beginning to end.

Along the way, other books are going to show up.

That’s why I’m here.

To keep you connected to your Story from the Core.

Stories are like toddlers. They will follow you around, tugging on your sleeves, your pockets, and your body until you listen to them, and if you don’t, they might even throw temper tantrum until you finally stop what you’re doing and honour the message they have for you.

Your book writing process is happening throughout our entire year together, however, we focus on the delivery of your book during months 4-6, ten and again in month twelve.

Your Book Your Way

This is month 4-6 and again in month 10 & 12


Now that you know what you’re here to say, have connected to the source of your story telling with three books on the go and one of them is getting clearer and clearer every day… you are ready to build your online program.

Your program is about IMPACT.

Remember that Story from the Core? That fire inside of you compelling you to communicate it? It was all for this.

First we hear it.

Then we tell it.

Then we teach it.

Then we KNOW it. 

Until you can effectively teach something, there is still more to learn.

In this section of the program you will take all of the information you have pulled together and clearly layed out from your ‘Book as a Business Card’, fire it up with the guts, passion and poignancy of your ‘Core Story Talk’, and together you will create and deliver a learning experience that is memorable, impactful and marketable because it is tethered to the core of the work you are here to do.

This is the most active section of our work together because all of the hard work is already done.

You know the story.

You have all of the pieces you need.

You have been immersed in it for the past eight months.

You are eating, sleeping and breathing your Core Story and you’ve been practicing effective communication since this process began. This is the easy part.

  • This is shooting videos – using your Core Story talk
  • This is writing workbooks – using your Book as a Business Card.
  • This is crafting your email sequences – using the Communication Arrow.
  • This is marketing – using your Book as an expression (journey).
  • This is creating a webinar – using all three tools…

And when it comes to selling

 You’ve got this because you believe it

you are fueled by it

you are made for it

you are it.

There is nothing to sell,

because your story does it for you.

A Program Created for Impact

 This is months 7-10

Months 11 & 12 include ‘soft’ time over August & December


Session #1 – Core Story

Session #2 – Core Talk

Session #3 – Your Book

Session #4 – Your Program

ONE ON ONE with TinaO

  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS – I only work with six people / year
  • Private Core Story Session with TinaO
  • Two Private 90 minute Story Coaching sessions/mth
  • Unlimited 24/7 access via voice message
  • One Full Day with TinaO (online or in person), during months 4-6 and again in month 11.


  • A Spot at TinaO’s Live Your Best Story Retreat on Bowen Island, Canada (offered 3x/year)
  • Core Story Writer’s Program (with TinaO and Meribeth Deen)
  • SPEAK with Charlene SanJenko (after working with TinaO)
  • GROW with Deidre Tansey and TinaO (an online program for taking your business online)


Weekly 30 minute Group Q&A Live Sessions with TinaO in our private Facebook Group

Access to TinaO’s Core Story library of best practices and writing prompts to keep you moving throughout the year.



Book a Call

That’s it.

If you’ve read this far, you already know this is for you.