Your Core Story Life

Core Story Living

When the story inside of you is begging to get out

I  help you hear what wants to be said

When you can’t hear yourself anymore

I help hear why you do what you do

When you have multiple possibilities yet are unable to make a choice

I help you hear what wants to be done

When you can’t see, hear or feel your way through the maze

I help you to hear what wants to be lived

When you can write it but you can’t say it

When you know it but others don’t

when you’re ready for your INSIDE to match your OUTSIDE

It’s time for the Living Story Sessions

Living Story Session

Living Story Sessions Includes:

We meet online TWICE / mth phone for 60-90 minutes (I serve the story, not the clock).

Offer 250/mth

or 1350 if purchased as a package

Everything begins with a complimentary Core Story Call. Book yours here.