Your Core Story Talk – Two Ways

What happens to you when someone asks:  What do you do?

Do you freeze? Do you reply with something clever? Do you stand taller? Become more authoritative? Hide? Run? Mumble and blindly give them your card? What if you could answer that question by communicate exactly as you are with an answer that is anchored in your very own Core Story?

Your Core Story will never leave you. It will always be the truth you can share. I call it Your Living Story. 

What if you could bring your INSIDE life to the OUTSIDE?

Have you developed a 3 minute introduction? How about a 20 minute talk? Or a 120 minute Key Note Speech?  Could you write that today?  Could you give that to an audience today?

Here’s how we can work together on your Core Story Talk so you can continue to move both your life and business forward with confidence (and maybe even some excitement too!).

#1 VIP DAY in person

This is what happens in your very own VIP Day with TinaO.

9:30am – 5:30pm on Bowen Island

We spend the day doing EXACTLY what your Core Story needs to feel confident to come out and be known. We LIVE all day long.  We design a day around your communication style. Sometimes we’re walking around the lake, other times we’re back to back in a comfortable room. We can be standing in the rain by the ocean, or on a rock in the sunshine. We might be writing and drawing and using yellow stickies and highlighters. We might be making soup and talking. The morning is spent with you talking and me listening. Then we enjoy a delicious lunch together.

In the afternoon the flip charts comes out we put together the spine of your talk answering the Core Story Questions:  Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?

From there we build your 30 second Hello followed by your 3 minute Introduction, then on to the possibilities of one to three 20 minute talks. We may even get an outline done in that time.  It depends on your story.

You can’t push process, but you can fan the flames of momentum. Sometimes you tell the story, and sometimes the story tells you.

Always personal

Always customized

Always about you, your business and your story


It starts with your complimentary Core Story Call. Book it here.

#2 VIP DAY online

For those who can’t make it to the idyllic shores of Bowen Island in BC, Canada, for you I offer FOUR – 2 HOUR RECORDED SESSIONS where dive deep into your life experiences, thoughts, beliefs and dreams to draw out your Innate Who, Urgent Why, Profound What, Specific When, and Impactful Where.

Between sessions you will work from each session’s ‘story’ and begin to write and record your 30 second, 3 minute and 20 minute talk in your style of speaking that is connected to the spine of your Core Story.

By the end of our eight hours together, you will have a 30 second – 3 minute introduction that you can use whenever needed, a rough draft of your 20 minute talk, and a list of Core Story descriptors to help guide you as build your keynote speech.

People will always believe you when you speak from the Core of who you are.

This is where your Core Story lives.

This is what makes you memorable.

It all starts with your Core Story Session. Book a complimentary hour with me here.