Want to write something you’re proud of?

Dear Writer,

It’s just us here, and we’re like you.  Hey Meribeth, I’m going start okay?

I’m TinaO and I’ve been writing since I could put words together. My first poem was called Fall is Coming Around. I was eight years old. It went something like this:

The leaves are turning yellow,

the leaves are turning brown,

fall is coming it’s coming,

because Fall is coming around…

We all start somewhere right? The weird thing about my writing journey is I have no baggage about it. No one ever told me I can’t write. Just read the above poem and… well… you know, there was a time…  Ask me about singing, acting, or drawing and trust me, I have lots of ‘not good enough’ stories holding me back, but not writing, and that’s what I want for you. I don’t know what history you bring to the page, what judgements, hesitations or excitements you may have, but I want you to know, you CAN write, and you’re going to be EXCELLENT at it.

You are going to amaze yourself. 

Okay my turn: I’m Meribeth.  

Did you hear that?

Tina has NO baggage around writing. I’ll tell you right now, that’s not me, I’ve got writer’s baggage and lots of it.

For me, writing is a constant struggle between the un-stoppable eight year-old inside me, and the grown up that tells me I should be cleaning the dishes, that tells me I need to be more “productive.”

I believe in writing, I believe in storytelling – especially when it comes from a place of truth and vulnerability. We’re all on the receiving end of story all the time, but taking the craft into our own hands helps us think better and allows us to find unexpected human connection.

Everything Tina and I do together is about helping you put down your writer’s baggage. Occasionally, we’ll ask you to pack that baggage, but with tools instead of dead-weight.
It’s true what Tina says, you’ll amaze yourself.

If you can write, you can fly. Come fly with us.


Unlike most writing programs we encourage you to get off the beaten path and risk losing yourself in the woods and big sky of your story. We want you to explore being wild, expressive and gutsy with your writing because we’re going to TEACH you how to navigate the unknown and deliver a clear, cohesive and impactful piece of writing to an audience so it lands.  

We teach non-writers how to write.

Writers how to play.

and Authors how to connect. 

We teach YOU how to GET IT DONE. 

Here’s how:



January 18th – Writer’s Adventure

for writers wanting to play, explore and get out of their own way.

January 25th – Writer’s Focus

for writers ready to connect the dots and deliver their story.


Bowen Island (20 minutes from Vancouver)

10am – 4pm

$59 each or $100 for both

online or offline option



This is our suite of online programs including:

For writers

The Writer’s Adventure

The Writer’s Go Bag

The Writer’s Landing

For Authors

Publish Phase 1 – Story from the Core

Publish Phase 2 – Telling the Story

Publish Phase 3 – Author in Residence



This is our destination based writer’s retreats held in affordable locations around the world. Watch for our upcoming announcement about:




TinaO is a Writer, Speaker, Director and Entrepreneur.

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Meribeth is a Writer, Editor and Freelance Journalist.

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