Dear Tina Full Colour

In March 2014 I started writing to myself from myself

In April 2015 I was diagnosed with stage three tonsil cancer

The body tells stories too you know

They say that throat issues are the story of stifled creativity, swallowed anger and a refusal to change

They say that cancer is the story of deep hurt, longstanding resentment and grief eating away at the self

I had stories desperate to be heard

I had wisdom waiting to be listened to

 The safest way for me to listen was with my pen

And it wasn’t about journaling

It was about witnessing.  This is how it happened:

Let no mystery confound you

in to the conclusion

that mystery

cannot be yours

-from Mark Helprin’s Soldier of the Great War

When we bare witness to our own story, we step into the mystery box of our life.

Here is how you can join me for Writing as Witness

Writing as Witness Website

#1 Self Witness – a Six Week personalized program designed for you.


 *Video Tutorials each week

*A suggested, guided daily practice

*Six weeks of experiential exercises taking you through the four engine’s of alignment:

Mindset, Soulset, Skillset and BodyLiving Story Self-Witness

*A guided weekly reflection

*All at your own time, delivered to your inbox each week

*and there just may be some surprises of ‘witness love’ in the mail too.

Offer – 69

(Coming soon)

#2 Retreat Days – One full day with TinaO 


*a six hour retreat day on Bowen Island Living Story Retreat Days

*an introduction to Automatic Writing to develop your own personal practice of Wisdom Writing 

*a hand made Writing as Witness journal, designed especially for you by local artisan Ciel Ellis of Thirsty Journals

*discovering your own self-listening style

*guided labyrinth walk

*going forward with self proclamations

*Maximum ten participants

Offer – 129


Saturday November 19th 2016

March 11th 2017

June 10th 2017


Bowen Island, BC Canada – Location TBA

REGISTER HERE (coming soon)

#3 – Light, Gentle, Listening as Witness

Living Story Gentle Listening

This is my FREE e-course available as a PDF download to welcome you to your very own Writing as Witness practice.

The link will be live soon…

Wanna Chat

Interested in Writing as Witness, or perhaps Your Living Story?

We can book an hour together – totally on me – to find out if I can speak your language and if I have what you are craving right now.  

I usually book Tues-Thursday but sometimes I have surprise windows of time on other days. Send me a message below and I’ll connect back with you okay? I do love a good story…