Your Core Story Message

Your Core Story Message

Why a Core Story Message?

Because whether you’re in the line up for the bathroom or shaking hands at fundraising gala, your marketing message is exactly the same.

Because whether you’re an at home parent cleaning up spaghetti off the floor or a CEO at the front of the boardroom, your marketing message is the same.

Because whether you bungled your last contract, fell flat on your face in front of your colleagues, or took home 1.5 millions dollars more than you did last year, your marketing message is exactly the same.

The core of your marketing message has nothing to do with

your self worth

your success

other people’s opinions

your results

your cleverness

your SEO

your clicks

your following

or your skillset

The Core of your Marketing Message is the single story that every client receives either unconsciously or on purpose when they’re in your presence, or your business and that is your Core Story.

When you know what your Core Story is, you can give it away consciously, freely, on purpose and with conviction which makes you memorable and creates loyal clients and raving fans.  Or, as I describe it, your clients can ”see you and hear you from space”.


Why Every Business Owner Needs to Know their Core Story

Do you have this covered?

Here are a few thoughts about it…

My Core Story is YOU MATTER

When I figured that out all of my marketing changed. All of my products shifted. All of my client promises changed too. Let’s book your complimentary Core Story Session so that you can discover yours too.

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