100 love square

Sending LOVE to those who have walked the path, still run against time, or are now at rest.

There is LIFE after cancer.

  • Pledging $20+ in the name of your loved one supporting:
  • Goal #1 $1000 for Can Too (Vancouver Triathlon)
  • Goal #2 $2500 for the Ride to Conquer Cancer

As a survivor, I swim, bike and run for them, because I still can. 



I’m a cancer survivor.

Truth is, I hate that term, but it’s a story people relate to plus, it’s true.  In April 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 3 tonsil cancer, HPV p16 immunostaining. Highly cure-able, yet grueling in treatment. I was warned by my doc, my ear nose and throat doc and the oncologist about all that was coming so I was prepared. It was a disgusting process for sure (I won’t get into that now, but if you want to know more I’ll share my story here later).  In July 2015 we finished our final treatment and I’m humbled to say that we all made it, and I’m not just talking about ‘not dying’, I’m talking about, we’re all still ‘living’.  Me and my family of five, my friends of many, and my community of plenty made it through together and we’re all just that little bit more inspired to be ALIVE today, thus TinaOLife was born.

Unstoppable Wrist

This 100 Love campaign marks the beginning of my ‘cancer as life-catalyst story’ that found me.  I often say, to whom much is given, much is expected, and unfortunately, sometimes what we’re given isn’t always the ‘good’ stuff.

I was given a lot:

To welcome fear to the table, to acknowledge disease as a guest, to choke down the very humanness of treatment, stare into the eyes of helplessness from those who love you the most, choosing to show up in action-yet surrendering to the process, to question: why me? To feel guilty, experiencing survivor remorse as one who seems to have side-stepped the destruction, and to carry on as a survivor (I still feel like I don’t deserve to say that), and knowing that I am so much more than the survivor label because I can still DO something.

on the bed



So now I am giving back.  

I’m 8 months out of treatment with an ‘all-clear’ petscan, everything presenting that we got it all and a stellar prognosis on the horizon, and so today I am choosing to celebrate this awesome body of mine that came back from being broken to celebrate what it can do PLUS pay it forward.

Today I am honouring those who have come before me: your family members, your friends, and your loved ones who have walked this cancer path, those who continue to race against time with their care providers and specialists doing their utmost to keep them alive, and those who are now at rest.  This is a pledge page.  This summer I will SWIM, BIKE AND RUN in their honour, and I’m asking you: Whose names can I carry with me? as I train for two big physical events that promise to push my physical and psychological limits.  I’m alive and I am celebrating that.

TinaOSoul nose crinkle

Here’s how it works:

No pledge is too small, and every $20 (Can Too) / $25 (Ride to Conquer Cancer) pledge with an honouree attached will be celebrated during each event and after. I will run, ride and swim in their name. 

You can choose which event you would like to pledge:


EVENT #1 The Vancouver 5i50 Ironman Triathlon July 10th. It’s an olympic distance tri.  Oh boy… I can thank my dear friend Adrian5150 for this one.

It’s a 1.5km swim, 40km bike and finishing off with a 10km run.

p.s. the first time I swam with my face in the water I was 28yrs old and I haven’t done it since… I’m 45 yrs old now.  This is my biggest challenge.  

I am raising $1000 under the Can Too banner  an organization that raises funds for cancer research in exchange for a triathlon training program and volunteer coaches to help me along the way. Haven’t heard about Can Too yet? Well, that’s because they’re not technically in Canada yet, (though cross your fingers for the future okay?) however, I can still work with them from a distance.

Can Too RegistrationsCan Too is an Australian organization that engages and inspires individuals to achieve personal health, well-being and altruistic goals. Beginners and experienced athletes alike are given professional coaching as part of a team to run, ride or swim in endurance events- including 10km, half-marathon and marathon runs, ocean swims and triathlons.

All pledges raised go towards innovation in the prevention, care and control of cancer through Cure Cancer Australia and Cancer Council NSW.


CLICK HERE (or the pic) to pledge $20 or higher in the name of your loved one as I complete the Vancouver 5i50 Triathlon.

Today I run, I ride, I swim and I celebrate what this body can do, for me, and for you.

Why?  Because I can, and that’s worth sweating for.


EVENT #2  The Ride to Conquer Cancer August 27/28th

The Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation is an epic, two-day cycling event spanning over 200 kilometres through picturesque scenery! Their vision is clear – A World Free From Cancer.

ride to conquer


With some highschool (Patrick Phang) and elementary school friends (David Tam) behind me (yes, it’s true), I’ve decided to cycle 200km over two days.  Thanks to Spin Cycle Bike Store in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, I have a new LIV bike to the ride too. They rock and I’m thrilled to have them on my ‘tri’ and ‘ride’ team.  Whewwwwf! 

Doing this ride post cancer treatment myself, I get to reclaim the cyclist in me who used to love the freedom of cycling before having children. Once again I’ll feel the strength in my legs and feel the wind in my hair.  I’m soooooo looking forward to this ride!

spin cycle

The money you pledge for The Ride to Conquer Cancer will benefit BC Cancer Foundation and support leading clinicians, scientists, and researchers whose search for new discoveries and improved patient outcomes will have a real impact in our communities throughout the province, across Canada, and around the world.

ride to conquer SUPPORT


Each week I will update our list of honourees. Please know that once you PLEDGE to either cause, I will followup with an email to you confirming the name of your loved one and if you’d like to send me a photo, I’ll use that too in my 100 person square that will look something like this only with 100 faces:

100 love example

Today, this is where it all begins. I have just three names on my list so far and I wish it could stay that way because that would mean we’ve found the solution.  For now, we begin where we are and we move forward from here.

Here’s to the people you love.

and here’s to you for making a difference.


100 love




FOR TODAY, MARCH 23rd, I train for:

  1. My mom, Peggy Overbury
  2. My dad, Norman Overbury (while not cancer, emphyzema instead, he died from years of smoking and I have no doubt that cancer would’ve come quickly).
  3. and My mother in law, Barb Ingram





Make your pledge to CAN TOO – supporting my very first triathlon by clicking here.

Make your pledge to the RIDE TO CONQUER CANCER – supporting my August ride by clicking here.

Want to join the team?  Run? Bike? Swim? with me?  Send me a message here and we’ll connect okay?