I’m starting a Daily Writing Prompt series because I’ve noticed that so many in business don’t understand the value of what they do. Maybe you’re one of them. You probably think that you’re a consultant or a facilitator or a coach or a real estate agent, accountant… whatever, but you’re not. You’re so much more.

You’re a damn specialist. That’s what you are.

You’re an ER doctor of something awesome.

You have life-saving capabilities.

Okay, I know, you’re not parachuting into war zones with a case load of oxygen tanks behind you and I get that you’re not a front-line health care worker supporting people through a blood transfusion, but you ARE designed to give something radically unique and I’ll say it here… even transformative to your clients. Because if you didn’t, they wouldn’t pay you, they’d pay someone else.

This Writing Prompt is going to help you.

Here’s another one – clients do not choose you because you’re a good listener so please let that go. Lots of people listen well and most think they’re awesome at it. Did you know that every single core story consult I’ve given, the person on the other end of the phone tells me that being a good listener is what makes them special?

It’s not.

Also, clients do not choose you because you’re a great strategist. Toss that one out  too. There are a zillion strategists out there who think they’re the bomb. I’m not saying you’re not, I am saying that we need to figure what KIND of success-strategy explosion you set off.

Lots of people are good at strategy. So?

Here’s a biggie: Clients do not come to you because you CARE.  Can we please please please stop saying this?  Here’s why: EVERY BUSINESS OWNER cares. No one goes into business if they don’t. Come on now, I still have days where a little tired voice in my head pleads with me: “Really Overbury? Really? Can’t we just make cookies and sit on the couch today?”.  My answer is NO. You know why?Because I CARE. Every business owner cares. I’m not kidding, and guess what? Every single business owner I talk to tells me this as if it’s THE THING that sets them apart in the marketplace. It’s not.



Here comes the truth:

No one cares that you care.

Your clients care about what THEY CARE about and maybe that’s you, but they need to find you first.

Here’s another doozy.  Clients do not refer you because you ‘genuinely want them to succeed’. Their mother wants that for them too (well most do…) and she doesn’t get paid for it. Even if you promise them success, that won’t make them refer you either. Success does not create stark raving mad fans (but it does help).

If you think that guaranteeing success is what sets you apart, what do you think other business owners want?

  • Their clients to kinda succeed?
  • Maybe succeed?
  • Do-it-half-way-and-if-you-squint-just-so-you-can-kinda-pretend-they-succeed? No.

Every business owner wants to see their clients succeed. This is NOT what makes you special. This is NOT why people will refer you.

Trust me on this.

Listening, caring, success and results is the baseline. This is where you started, and if you’re not doing these four things you shouldn’t be in business anyway.  Okay, I’m being blunt today. I have a reason and here it is:

You are an ER Doctor of something. It’s inside you. It’s part of how you’re designed.

Here’s what I know:

  • You came into the world with a personality you didn’t have to work for. You are designed to BE something.
  • Then you experienced a number of life-changing events that created a skill-set so you can DO something.
  • And somewhere in there you faced a bunch of challenging turning points that shaped your mind-set so you can GIVE something.

It’s one great big set-up and it’s one of the many narratives within your Core Story.

This is what I do.

This is what I’m a specialist at.

I’m an ER Doctor of Core Story Listening. I save people from dying with their words still locked up inside of them.

What are you an ER Doctor of?

Today TinaOLife begins Writing Prompts for Coaches, Consultants and Thought Leaders. Whether you classify yourself in one of these categories or not, come and play.

Here’s How:

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, (yes, please use a pen because it unlocks a very different part of your brain and story), a timer and the day’s prompt and begin.

Tell me what you notice.

What did you learn about the kind of ER Doctor and Business Specialist that you are?

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TinaO is a Core Story Specialist and a Program Director of PUBLISH with Meribeth Deen for The Leap Learning Lab. She’s a writer, speaker and the founder of TinaOLife – a hub to Live, Give and Be Your Story, plus the deep listening weekend retreat Live Your Best Story. She’s been in the PR and Marketing world since she could put words together and has been a professional network marketer for over twelve years. She teaches: selling isn’t slimey, marketing isn’t make-believe and writing won’t give you an aneurysm (it’s not hard). You can be yourself in all that you do. In fact, that’s the world is waiting for.