Everyday Adventures

When I had Baxter (the basset hound), it would come to that time of the day when I knew he needed to get outside to collect some new smells and waddle around the neighbourhood. I would wrap up the work I was doing and say, “Let’s go on an adventure!” You see, I could never […]

September is SMOOTH like Peanut Butter

I heard a great expression today: “September. It’s like time clicks over from molasses to wine.” So true, isn’t it? I had a glorious summer of working when I wanted to, on things that resonated with me, and now it’s time to hit-the-ground with it all and put things back into action. I have re-stocked […]

Five Love Languages to Super-Coupledom

It seems to me that in our relationships, it can seem like we’re all speaking different languages and missing our connections. We can feel alone, even when we’re surrounded by people who completely adore us because we are looking to be loved in a way that makes sense to us, but the same is true […]

Tara VLOG #4 – What are your Wildest Desires?

In this week’s VLOG we’re talking about your biggest, craziest, wildest dreams and how you might make them come true – the secret *might* just be telling your partner what it is… And here is the video: WHAT ARE YOUR WILDEST DESIRES…? Tara Caffelle is a Relationship and Communication coach.  She is passionate about creating […]

The Love & Conversation Sandwich

Years ago, I painted a giant acrylic canvas and was never quite happy with it. It sat on my easel wanting attention until I moved, when it was tucked beside a pile of books in a storage unit. I pulled it out more than a year later when I was finally ready to complete it. On the […]

When Life ROCKS You

The great folks at the Good Mother Project got me thinking, when they posted an article about “Flashbangs”: the events in life that ROCK you and change life as you know it. The obvious one is the arrival of a baby and the transition into motherhood, but what else can challenge a marriage and create shifts no […]