We’ve all been there – when there’s more ideas and inspiration than direction. It’s as if the words won’t stop pouring out of you but it feels like you’re going everywhere all at once which can feel like you’re getting no-where fast.

And then there are those of us who have a handful of half finished projects or worse, almost finished ones just hanging out in our closet.

They sit there like guilt on a shelf.

The biggest killer of inspiration is:


The reality is, a confused mind doesn’t move and a writer can’t deliver  from a jumbled head.

In this six hour workshop in our cozy Story Room on Bowen Island (or five segment online class), you will bring your writing in to focus with:

  1. GPS for The Writer’s Process
  2. The Communication Arrow – Blindspot
  3. Story Boxes
  5. Share & Feedback

It’s all about navigating back to the path your story lives on. When your fingers first hit the keyboard you knew where you were, now it’s time to figure out where you’re going, why, and how to get there.

You may be a word wanderer at heart, but the story traveller always arrives at a destination.

This is our goal for you.

When you work with us, you become a




This is what our day together looks like:

9:45am – Coffee, Tea, Snacks – get comfortable.

10:15am – Lesson one & WRITE

11:15am – Lesson two & MORE WRITING

12:15am – Lesson three & STILL MORE WRITING

12:45 – LUNCH TIME – and an indepth conversation about what what is relevant to us about writing today.

1:45 – Lesson four & WRITE

2:45 – Sharing & learning through facilitated FEEDBACK

3:30 – Wrap Up & Insights

If you’re joining us online, we will send you a ZOOM link so you can tune in for each hour’s Writing Concept. We encourage you to join in LIVE over lunch and again at 3:30pm too.

If you are participating online, you will receive the recordings of each Writing Concept as well.

Join us?