When the story inside of you is begging to get out

I  help you hear what wants to be said

When your marketing message can’t find it’s hold

I help hear why you do what you do

When you have multiple possibilities yet are unable to make a choice

I help you hear what wants to be done

When you can’t see, hear or feel your way through the maze

I help you to hear what wants to be lived

Welcome to your Living Story.

I do my best work with clients one on one

That’s why I have created the Living Story Sessions

Always personal

Always customized

Always about you, your business and your story

Here it is from me to you

When you can hear what wants to be said but you can’t find the words

When your marketing message is ready for lift-off

When you can write it but you can’t say it

When you know it but others don’t

when you’re ready for your INSIDE to match your OUTSIDE

It’s time to book a complimentary Living Story Inquiry Session (below)

and then…

You can work with me three ways:

VIP Session cropped

VIP Sessions Include:

*One – 1 hour – Inquiry Session over the phone, or skype. You decide.

*One – 8 hour day together on Bowen Island, or you can always bring me to you. (includes three – 2 1/2 hour working sessions with a nutritious and delicious lunch provided by me.

*Our day is spent at Xenia Retreat Centre on Bowen Island with access to the Labyrinth, OPA and the sanctuary.  The day is designed around you and your story and we may incorporate other island offerings to further our work together.

Value – 1299 

Offer 699


Offer – 500

Why? Because this is my favourite way to work with people and I’d like you to choose this option.

Living Story Session

Living Story Sessions Includes:

*One – 1 hour – Inquiry Session over the phone, or skype. You decide.

*Four – recorded two hour sessions via zoom

Value  – 999

Offer – 750

 Sounding Board Sessions

Story Sounding Board Sessions Includes:

They look like this:

*One – 1 hour – Inquiry Session over the phone, or skype. You decide.

Offer – Hourly rate – $125/hour

Wanna ChatLet’s find out if we jive.

We can book an hour together – totally on me – to find out if I can speak your language and if I have what you need right now.  

I usually book Tues-Thursday but sometimes I have surprise windows of time on other days. Send me a message below and I’ll connect back with you okay? I do love a good story…